Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Summary #4

This week I have noticed people spontaneously doing kind things for each other.

Eva's friend had surgery and she has been spending time with her and taking her small gifts.  The poor girl had to stay home for 10 days or so.  Eva also had three performances this week: an assembly, an evening school thing and a violin recital.  I don't worry about the assemblies but I missed the other school thing because I was visiting teaching.  I consoled myself by rationalizing that the girl performs a ton and I'm lucky to get to see her play so much!

This week as Ivy was walking home from school one day she heard Ethan's voice behind her saying, "Hand over the violin!" as if he were a robber.  She gave it to him and he carried it all the way home for her.  I love when they look put for each other!  Ethan has also helped Nathan with his homework this week which has been nice for me!

Ivy is loving playing with the elementary orchestra.  She has been super helpful this week.  She helped Nathan with homework a few times and one night she rushed to take the trash out for me just because it was full-- I appreciated that she noticed and just took care of it.  That's the kind of week we've had.  People just helping out and being kind.  

Nathan built a toolbox at scouts this week. Next week they will paint their toolboxes.  Nathan is very proud of it!  I will try to post a picture of him with the finished product.  

I have been praying hard for a girl from Tooele serving a mission in Tacloban Philipines.  I know her a bit because she is a brilliant vocalist and I had the pleasure of accompanying her once or twice.  She's a wonderful person and she is still unaccounted for after the huge weather event.  I've been praying that her family will get word soon, that all the missionaries will soon be accounted for, and for the Philippine people.

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Amy said...

Wow, I'm doing good! I've posted something AND got to read other people's posts AND make some comments!! Fun to see some pics of your family! Good kids are some of life's greatest blessings:)