Thursday, November 14, 2013

About Nathan

Sunday I got to substitute Nathan's primary class.  It was a blast!  I love subbing at church!  We were in the hall and a newer member of the ward was there as well.  He has a son in the same Primary class and asked Nathan, "What's your name?"  Nathan answered and was then asked, "What's your last name?"  He replied, "Olcott".  The dad quickly made the connection and said, "Oh, your the Bishop's son!"  Nathan immediately pointed at me and said, "Yeah.  But my MOM'S the Organist!"  He has a great perspective!

Yesterday at Cub Scouts they were painting their tool boxes at their leader's house.  There were two scouts unable to make it last week and Nathan wanted to be sure they could come so he collected them and one other and the boys walked to scouts together.  (The leader lives in a different neighborhood).  He LOVES scouts!  I was teaching piano while this was all taking place and I knew one of the boys was coming to our house afterwards for 10-15 minutes but when the noys came back they had the friend's three year old brother with them.  I'm still not sure why, but Nathan took care of that little one.  He kept him busy, shared the treat his leader had given him, etc.  I work with his leader at school and she told me this morning that Nathan is a natural nurturer.  He was making sure that the boys who weren't there last time knew exactly what to do and commented on how kind he is about it. I can see Nathan growing into a great missionary!  

Here's a picture of Nathan with his toolbox:

Today Nathan wasn't feeling well and stayed home from school.  As I'm walking out of the school, I answer my cell phone and Nathan says, "Do you want some scrambled eggs?"  I told him I was on my way home and that when I got there I would make him some eggs if he wanted.  He told me he already ate some but that there was more if I wanted.  I then wondered, "How many eggs did you scramble?" I was relieved when he told me three but concerned when he stated, "I boiled some too."  I know I haven't taught him that, so I asked him if he knew how to boil eggs.  He answered that there were instructions in his scout book.  I then wanted to know how many eggs he 'boiled'.  He boiled 14.  I was relieved.  Again.  And had giggles that were making my eyes tear up.  I was starting to find the whole conversation a bit taxing--I wasn't sure if  I should be concerned or amused.  I rushed home and found a very proud kid, some yummy scrambled eggs which I gladly ate, and 14 runny hard boiled eggs.  He was confused about the part that said Bring to a boil and THEN simmer 15 minutes.  We reboiled them and he just finished eating one.  

Right now he is peeling potatoes to boil.  That's in the scout book too.  I guess he wants me to sign stuff.  And he's not sick.  But I'm feeling like a nap sounds good today so maybe he can take care of stuff for me while I take one!

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