Monday, November 4, 2013

Sunday Summary #3 (Belated)

We had piano recitals this week.  Ivy played Friday night with the rest of my students and Eva played Saturday.  They were both fantastic!

Ethan went scuba diving with the scouts on Saturday.  

Nathan got another 100% on his spelling test.  Two in a row!  He also gave me a lengthy list to mail Santa this year.  I believe this is the first Santa list he has ever written himself.  

And of course it was Halloween, which means I have to make extra trips to the store all week!  On Wednesday we ran there for something and saw pumpkins were 50 cents each so we selected several.  I was teaching on Thursday but the kids came home from school and carved them without ant help.  They also cleaned up the entire mess!  

Here's Eva's pumpkin:

And Ethan's:

Ivy's on the left and Nathan's on the right:

I was impressed with their carving skills!

Last Sunday I was out of town for the day/night and Vince was gone most of the day and the kids did this:

I LOVE the photos!  It was a great surprise!!

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