Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wonderful Randomness

This morning I took the kids to the dentist to get their teeth cleaned. Ivy and Ethan were called back first. Ivy came back really quick and I asked her how many cavities she had--she didn't know. After a little while they called Eva and Nathan back. Ivy and I waited and waited for Ethan. Pretty soon Nathan came back and we were just waiting for Eva and Ethan. At this point I'm wondering if Ethan was missing half a tooth or something. Or maybe Eva and Ethan need braces...wouldn't that be great? Pretty soon someone comes to get me saying "the Doctor wants to visit with you". Lovely. They take me to a room where Eva and Ethan are waiting with the doctor who tells me that the three kids he looked at have no cavities--which is amazing! But still--we needed to find out about Ivy. The receptionist checked for us and she had no cavities either! For the first time ever! I was stunned. Part of me was tempted to say that there must be some mistake and maybe they'd better check again but I resisted. Perhaps Ivy said it best, "I don't know why...." We were all a little puzzled but very pleased!

We got a call from the U of U Speech clinic this week and Nathan gets to start weekly 2 hour group sessions the first week of June. It is an expense but it is not terribly bad. We are excited for him!

Ethan has been working for money. He has always been very interested in having and earning money but working for money has not seemed worthwhile to him in the past. But not anymore! He has worked in the yards of 4 neighbors and is a GREAT worker! We are very proud. One job in particular has been very difficult--I don't think the area he has been weeding has been weeded for 2-4 years. He gets EVERY weed out--very clean work. And he's been spending almost all of his free time working on it. Go Ethan!

Yesterday Ivy had her friend birthday party. I made her a ladybug cake but we couldn't find the camera so there is no picture of it. The exciting part is that I made fondant and it was fairly simple! Ivy had a spa party complete with an exfoliating scrub (wet cornmeal) and face mask (bananas and honey) and all the girls wanted cucumber slices. The girls were really excited for that part which I thought was weird but they had a good time. Then they watched a little movie while Eva and her friend painted the girls' nails. Ivy invited 9 friends and all 9 friends came. Surprisingly this wasn't at all stressful--probably because Eva had a great time helping the girls with their stuff and Nathan and Ethan took care of little details like answering the door (nothing like a little get together to draw every other child in the neighborhood) and cleaning up.

When the party was over we borrowed a few hammers and headed to Aunt L's to pound nails in the floor. They are putting new laminate down and removing the vinyl left TONS of staple/nails sticking up everywhere. Eva and Ethan worked as well as any adult for almost an hour before they started getting tired. It was hard work and I started getting tired at that point too.

It's so fun to see the kids grow up and witness what great people and hard workers they have become. I love how they (for the most part) take care of each other try to do the right thing.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Letter to Eva's Teacher

Dear Mr. Becker,

I saw/observed/glanced at/perused/gazed/watched/looked/touched/approved/noticed/ appreciated/complimented Eva's fantastic/great/fabulous/marvelous/flawless/ satisfactory/super/super duper/wonderful/amazing/excellent/superior/superb report card.
Linnea Olcott

Eva said I could only write one sentence with six words. I couldn't decide which words to use so I gave you options. She won't be happy when she's sone practicing and gets this but I think we've established that doesn't bother me. In fact, I enjoy it because I think when she gets that exasperated "You're so embarrassing!" look that it's cute and it's a parent's prerogative to embarrass their preteen/teenager to make up for the first three years of life....mostly the third year. You should read my blog--good stories there.

Uh oh--she's coming.

The next day Ethan needed a note saying that I had read his report card and it went something like this:

"Dear Mr. Peterson: I saw Ethan's report card. I would write more but the boy is more clever than the girl and I have run out of paper."

It's true--Ethan brought me a leeeetle piece of paper for his note. Smart boy!

Eva was mortified when her teacher read her note out loud to the class. The next morning at the gym a fifth grade teacher saw me and said, "By the way, you get the award for best parent letter of the decade! That's the BEST parent letter I've read--so funny!" Mr. Becker had shared the letter with several teachers as well and while he let me borrow it so I could blog it for Eva's children to read one day he was very adamant that we return it...I have to send it back to school tomorrow.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dear Kindergarten

Why did you have to grow up? Remember 30 years ago when we had snacktime and naptime and painting and the teacher told my mom she was worried about me because I didn't know how to use scissors? How come you don't do scissors so much anymore? What happened to snacktime and naptime?

Remember when my sister's happy kindergarten swinging picture was in the paper? How come you don't do recess anymore?

Remember 6 years ago when you did finger painting and brush painting and fruit loop necklaces and masks and spider hats? That was fun. Remember letter of the week and you did letter puppets and letter songs and letter games? That was fun too.

Remember when kids went to kindergarten to make and play with friends? We liked that.

Now you just do worksheets. No offense, but they are boring...and kids don't learn as well. Coloring the worksheets would help but I guess you are too old for crayons.

Kindergarten, as I have watched you grow up I have decided that I never want to outgrow: coloring, swinging, recess, friends, cutting, snacks, naptime, puppets, playtime, picture books, ..... All those things that made you great 30 years ago.

At least you are still teaching me.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Ivy tells me that she likes my computer "and that's because when it is blank and nothing is showing on it, no pictures or anything, then it's like a mirror--that's why I like our TV, too, because it is like a mirror."