Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm sure most of our family heard but in case you didn't the big news at our house last week was:

Nathan was hit by a car.  Truly.  BUT the other big news is that he literally walked away.  The car ran over his right foot and that was all.  Two police cars and two ambulances came with lights and sirens, so it was a little dramatic but it turns out he's fine.  I was teaching piano when I got a call from a good friend (it happened near her house) that I needed to come "right now because Nathan was hit by a car".  She told me that he was OK but that he needed me and I ran straight down there.  I had a moment when I thought maybe she misled me about the seriousness when I saw the emergency vehicles and that was another scary minute but she was right.  We took Nathan for X-rays of his foot to be certain he was OK and he was.  He stayed home from school the next day because his foot was bruised and a little swollen but the swelling decreased by noon and he was running and playing like normal the day after that.  We know we are watched and looked over!!

The other positive side of this was the teenage driver that hit Nathan was wonderful.  He felt terrible, of course, but he stopped his car, checked on Nathan, called 911 and was respectful and showed a very strong character.  He was on his way to his Eagle Scout project and the sun was in his eyes and he didn't see Nathan crossing the street.  I jokingly (OK--maybe half jokingly) said to Vince that we should tell the boy that since he ran over our son he should take Eva out on one of her first dates.  He (not jokingly) said "Not THAT's a good idea!"  Eva wasn't sure she agreed--the boy is cute and all but she doesn't want us setting her up.  I guess the good part is that it restored our confidence that maybe there are nice boys around here that we might think are OK for her to spend time with.  Refreshing after the previous weeks' experience.  Can you believe she'll be 15 this year?!!

This week my only goal was for our home address to not be taken in any police record.  Saturday is not over but so far, so good!