Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ivy's Big Day

This week Ivy was recognized for her Reflections in 3D and Musical Composition.  She will go to the district level in both categories.  If I were really clever I would post a recording of her playing her composition, but I've only recently figured out how to post pictures so I'll be satisfied with that.  Her composition won first place and her 3D placed fourth place.  This was the least goofiest picture I could get of her...

I found this picture a couple of weeks ago and had to share it:
I love it!  There is Eva (6) holding Nathan. She has always been the sweet, nurturing, responsible helper.  This was taken the day Nathan was blessed.  I can remember being so thrilled to have him home after his stay in the NICU and loving that he had put on enough weight to be filling his clothes out a bit.  Next to them is Ivy (2).  Ivy was has always been a fun-loving little girl; I adore her baby chubbies and pink cheeks.  She always had rosy cheeks and bright eyes!  Ethan (4) has his trademark mischievous grin.  Every time I saw that grin I had to wonder what he was thinking!  He has always been an innovator, which at this age was disconcerting, but over the years has become a trait I really value!  They all have a tan because they played hard outside hours every day. It's so fun to think about how they have "grown into" their personalities as they have matured.  They are each so different and have such special talents.

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One Fish said...

That bottom picture is fabulous. They were so stinking cute!